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Signs of the Times

Luke 21:5-38

Five Major Topics

  1. Warnings Against Deception (vv. 5–11)
  2. Encouragement During Persecution (vv. 12–19)
  3. The Destruction Of Jerusalem (vv. 20–24)
  4. Future Events (vv. 25–28)
  5. Assurances Concerning These Events (vv. 29–36).

Nine Exhortations

  1. Do not follow false leaders (v. 8)
  2. Do not be frightened by the awesome events associated with the end times in apocalyptic literature (vv. 9–11)
  3. Do not worry about your legal defense when you are persecuted and face legal charges because of your Christian witness (vv. 12–16)
  4. When all turn against you, persevere and take a firm stand (vv. 17–19)
  5. Flee Jerusalem when it is besieged (vv. 20–24)
  6. When the final apocalyptic events (the portents in heaven and on earth) do take place, take heart at your coming redemption when the Son of Man returns (vv. 25–28)
  7. Recognize also that these things point to the approach of the kingdom of God (vv. 29–31)
  8. Be assured that throughout the apocalyptic period the Lord’s words endure (vv. 32–33)
  9. Be watchful and pray so that you will come through all these things in a way the Son of Man will approve of (vv. 34–36)



How do you apply these signs of the end of the age to your own life?