Worship at The Table is a little different than just going to church. We gather first for a meal – to connect with one another at the table and remind ourselves that we are not on this journey alone. From here we move into elements that are common to Christian churches: Holy Communion, reading the Bible, singing songs, hearing a Bible-based talk, and even an opportunity to ask questions or reflect on the talk you’ve just heard before being sent out again into the world that Jesus loves.

We meet very Sunday we meet from 5-7pm – but the venue changes from week to week. Check out our homepage or our Facebook page to find out where we are this week!

You are welcome to join us anytime at The Table!

A Normal Evening:

  • 5:00  people arrive and mingle
  • 5:05 gather for welcome and prayer
  • 5:10 eat dinner
  • 5:40 clear plates
  • 5:45 receive Communion together
  • 5:55 transition to worship space
  • 6:00 worship service // song singing, Bible reading, kids invited to “Kids’ Table”, Bible-based message (here’s an example of a message), Q&A
  • 7:00 sending
  • 7:15 dessert and more connection time