Church Planting Steps

The Table is working with Communitas International, an organization that has decades of experience planting churches in Europe (and more recently in North America). Below are the stages that we will be walking:

Incarnational Beginnings

Embed & Initiate

embed: live with, listening to and participating in the social context

initiate: serving, meeting needs, and blessing those who live around them

these activities continue through the life of the missional initiative, we are always listening to and loving those we live alongside 

Deepening Discipleship

Practice & Churching

practice: living a rhythm that becomes transformative

churching: maturing both individually and as a faith community

Ongoing Multiplication

Hubbing & Extend

hubbing: create new initiatives

extend: reproduction – where we plant churches who plant churches who plant churches.


For more about how Communitas International plants churches, check out this page on CI’s site; if you want much more detailed info, there’s also this 22 minute video on Vimeo.