Weekly Worship and Location

No gathering this week

At The Table we practice specific weekly rhythms:

  • First Sunday: Communion with God (gathering together)
  • Second Sunday: Mission with God in the World (serving together)
  • Third Sunday: Community with One Another (gathering together)
  • Fourth Sunday: Missional Living (serving in our own settings)
  • Fifth Sunday: Worship Gathering

This week (Sunday, September 24th) is the fourth Sunday—when we focus on living missionally with our friends and family. In order to have time to be intentional with our relationships, we are taking a week off from meeting together—but we’ll be back as a group next week! You may always double check Facebook, Twitter for up-to-the-minute location information – or here on our website for upcoming weeks.

Join us Sunday October 1 at 5pm


Greg & Kari’s
10329 Scarborough Rd
Bloomington MN 55437